Indoor Winter Workout by Wildfire Fitness


Rain. Snow. Sleet. Hail.

The holidays may be gone, but winter’s definitely not over yet!

With the cold weather and dark days it might be tempting to just grab some popcorn, hit the Netflix and roll up in a blanket burrito until the tulips come up, but don’t do it! Remember those goals you set for yourself at New Year’s? Yeah, those! There’s plenty you can do right there in the comfort of your own warm, toasty living room – and without ANY weights even!

So, get on up and let’s get your booty moving!

We’ve put together a great circuit that’s perfect for helping you get back in gear and reclaim (or find) your fitness mojo.  The first three moves will help you warm up those cold, stiff muscles and get your blood heart pumping. Then you’ll work up a sweat and condition your body so you can get out there and make your goals come true. And, you don’t even need ANY weights so no excuses! This is your year to slay, so make TODAY great!


Download a copy of the Indoor Winter Workout here.

Indoor winter workout by Wildfire Fitness


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