Health and Wellness | February is all about the heart


Hey, it’s February!

The month when warm thoughts of love, affection and romance abound. But that’s not all. February is also all about the heart – American Heart Month to be more precise!

It’s the perfect time to join the fight against heart disease and stroke, and to refresh that commitment you made at the start of the New Year to living a healthier lifestyle. And, a good time to show a little self-love and start taking better care of your heart so you can keep being there for those you care about. Remember that plan you made a couple weeks back? 

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease and stroke are the leading health issue for both men and women with about 85.6 million Americans living with cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke. Whoa! 

Fortunately, many causes of heart disease and stroke have to do with how you take care of yourself – as much as 80 percent according to a CDC report


So, that means there’s a lot you can do to love on your heart so you can live a longer, more vibrant life.




Move. Your. Body. Find something that you like to do and just do it – yep, that shoe company has the right idea. Don’t get so caught up in trying to figure it all out before you start. You’ll never stop learning so just start by getting up and moving more. Going for a walk right now is a great place to start.


Fish, nuts and a bunch of grapes. No not the makings of a weird new recipe but these foods can help you lower your cholesterol. Choosing heart-healthy foods and adopting healthy eating habits can go a long way towards keeping your sexy sexy.  Those habits can be controlling your portions at meal time, eating more veggies, eating less junk, eating less sugar… you can probably think of a thing or two that you know you need to work on. Pick one and get started.


Less sugar, please. Talking about your blood sugar here. Diabetes is a definite risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Minimize your risk for Type 2 diabetes by doing that stuff above – exercise and eat well, plus manage your weight and take any medication your doctor prescribes as directed.


Avoid the silence. Do you have high blood pressure? As much as 33 percent of us grown Americans have high blood pressure and don’t even know it. Why? There aren’t really any symptoms. That’s why it’s called the silent killer! Don’t let that potentially serial killer lurk about. Make an appointment with your doc this month and get your blood pressure checked out.


Smoke-free is se-xy. If you’re still smoking cigarettes it’s time to stop. You already know they aren’t good for you. And you are important! Plus there are people you care about who want to keep you around. Find a program, get some help as needed and then go ahead and kick the habit.


Want more info on preventing heart disease? Check out the American Heart Association.

Stay tuned for more heart-healthy info this month, including workouts, fitness tips and more! 

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