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It’s finally here. SPRING.


Time to chuck off the bulky sweaters, watch the snow melt and get ready for sunshine and warmer weather – yay! Hard to believe that here in Portland (and so many other places around the country, for that matter) we were up to our eyeballs in snow and ice just a few short weeks ago, right?


Well, if you’re like me you’re probably thinking about doing some spring cleaning around your home or office. This is the perfect time to do a little self-care “spring cleaning” as well, and to freshen up that tired winter fitness routine. This can help you clear out the old mental clutter that may have accumulated and reclaim that sense of excitement and motivation you felt back in January. It’s also a good time to assess your progress and review areas of your life that could use some extra TLC. Here are seven ideas to get you going.

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Health and Wellness | February is all about the heart


Hey, it’s February!

The month when warm thoughts of love, affection and romance abound. But that’s not all. February is also all about the heart – American Heart Month to be more precise!

It’s the perfect time to join the fight against heart disease and stroke, and to refresh that commitment you made at the start of the New Year to living a healthier lifestyle. And, a good time to show a little self-love and start taking better care of your heart so you can keep being there for those you care about. Remember that plan you made a couple weeks back? 

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January is here! With it, no doubt you’ve noticed the huge increase in diet and fitness program promotions right now – they’re everywhere!

Fortunately… this isn’t one of them. Yay!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Your exercise and eating habits are really, really, REALLY important. So much so that they’re even two of the three key sections in the WFF Goals Planner. But, there’s more you can do to ramp up your health and fitness that that doesn’t involve working out or even a formal eating plan, but can still have a huge impact on your life, whether your goal is to lose weight, get in better shape, get stronger, train for a sport, feel great, whatever.

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THE NUMBER ONE thing you need to do to get fit in 2016.

Wildfire Fitness goal setting 2016


Most people go about setting health and fitness goals for the New Year the wrong way.

They’re excited about the turn of the calendar. They know they ate too much over the holidays and that they haven’t been exercising. All the commercials on TV talk about weight loss and show the latest celeb endorser testifying about the amazing results they get. It’s the New Year, just make a resolution like everybody else. But, why? Why should you give your level of fitness… or lack of fitness, a second thought? What’s the point?

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why you need sleep during the holidays


For many people the holidays are a particularly hectic and stressful time of year.

Schedules seem jam packed even on normal days, but now there are family get-togethers, holiday parties, extra food prep, shopping and more. It may be tempting to skip a few hours of sleep to get it all in, but that’s a bad idea for your health and will actually only lead to even more stress.


Getting enough sleep each night is vital to your fitness as well as your long term health.

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Holiday Fitness Gift Guide 2015

Choosing the right present for the fitness enthusiast in your life can be tricky. Our list of holiday favorites can help you give a gift that is both mindful as well as stylish. Oh, and while our collage has a decidedly feminine touch, there are plenty of options for the guys in your life as well.

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What’s For Breakfast? 5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas.


What did you have for breakfast today?


A healthy breakfast is an important part of starting your day right. There have been countless studies have shown that eating breakfast is one of THE most important habits for healthy weight loss, weight management, and physical performance.


If you want to lose or manage your weight long-term, you gotta’ eat your breakfast.


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Training Time | Drink water!

lemon water - Wildfire Fitness Portland, OR


Do you drink enough water?


No, not coffee or soda or juice or even coconut water. I mean the clear stuff?

Well, a recent report found that a whopping 43% of men and 41% of women aged 20-50 years aren’t getting the daily recommended amount of water. Whoa, right? What’s even more incredible is that our bodies are composed of roughly 60% water so you’d think we’d have no trouble drinking enough when most of us have such easy access.

How much do you need? The Institute of Medicine recommends an Adequate Intake (AI) of roughly 13 cups (3 liters) for men and about 9 cups (2.2 liters) for women. So, if your daily intake is lower, it’s time to up your game.

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