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Summer’s in full swing so I hope you’ve been enjoying the weather where you are. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited – summertime is my fav! Plus, this past winter was rough! Between the snow storms and slipping in the ice, pile driving my knee into the sidewalk (yeah, that happened) to lots and LOTS of rain, I’m totally stoked for the warmer weather and plan to take full advantage of the SUN!

Summer is the perfect time for adventures, and what’s even better is that you can kill two birds with one stone by having adventure while working on your body and getting better shape. I made a bucket list for myself to work on this summer and I’ve thought I’d share the love by making you one with fun and a little adventure in mind, too.

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Health and Wellness | February is all about the heart


Hey, it’s February!

The month when warm thoughts of love, affection and romance abound. But that’s not all. February is also all about the heart – American Heart Month to be more precise!

It’s the perfect time to join the fight against heart disease and stroke, and to refresh that commitment you made at the start of the New Year to living a healthier lifestyle. And, a good time to show a little self-love and start taking better care of your heart so you can keep being there for those you care about. Remember that plan you made a couple weeks back? 

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Indoor Winter Workout by Wildfire Fitness


Rain. Snow. Sleet. Hail.

The holidays may be gone, but winter’s definitely not over yet!

With the cold weather and dark days it might be tempting to just grab some popcorn, hit the Netflix and roll up in a blanket burrito until the tulips come up, but don’t do it! Remember those goals you set for yourself at New Year’s? Yeah, those! There’s plenty you can do right there in the comfort of your own warm, toasty living room – and without ANY weights even!

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