warm up cool down


Hey, do you warm up before, and then cool down after every training session?

All the cool people do! And by cool, I mean the ones who want to reduce their injury risk, improve their performance, and reduce their stiffness and soreness the next day. 

Whether you’re a newbie who’s never touched a weight or performed a burpee, or a seasoned pro who’s been there, done that, and has the official competition t-shirt to prove it, everyone benefits from preparing the body to do work (warm up) and then helping it to begin recovery (cool down) after. 

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Make 2018 Goals, Not Resolutions

Happy New Year!

We’re only twelve days into 2018 and already some people talking about how time seems to be flying – it’s not by the way. Time flying is often what we feel when we aren’t paying attention to the moments… but that’s a talk for another day. Even though we’re only just coming up on the two-week mark, some people have also started to fizzle out on that fire they had on January 1st and worse, have already stopped thinking about those fresh dreams and goals that they had when “The Ball” dropped. 

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Quick 6-Minute Ab Training Circuit

Who doesn’t like to feel strong and trim around the waistline?

The midsection is one of the areas just about every client says they want to improve when they start their fitness training program with us. Having a strong core, (aka “abs”) is not just about having toned abs or a six pack, though. It also helps to reduce back pain, improves your posture and boosts your confidence. In terms of performance, a strong core improves balance, increases power and functional strength, and improves agility. 

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WFF Holiday Gift Guide 2017


It happens every year at this time. That same holiday question.

What gift are we going to give so-and-so this year???


Well, if you’re still looking for the perfect health/wellness/fitness gift for the friends and loved ones on your holiday list, I’ve put together a little gift-giving inspo to help you find the perfect health and wellness treat they’ll love. And as a bonus, there are actually two lists. One is Portland-local (yes, of course, you can still buy if you’re out of town) and the other is, well, not local. I have no affiliate connection to anything on either list, btw. I just think these things are super cool! Think of this as “Tami’s Favorite Things” 😉

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How to stay fit during the holidays


T’is the season, right?

Too much food. Too little exercise. Overindulgence abounds.

I totally get it. When you’re enjoying time with friends and family at this time of year, healthy eating and sweaty HIIT fitness workouts might be the last thing on your mind. Just because it’s the holiday season, however, doesn’t mean you have to skip every workout and jump head first onto the holiday treat table for the next month, though.  You can absolutely enjoy a perfectly “holly jolly” time AND still maintain your fitness and overall wellness, too. The key is to enjoy a little and then reset by going back to healthier habits throughout the season. Here’s how: 

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Get fit at work


If you’re at work right now, there’s a good chance you’re sitting down. If you’re not at work, well there’s still a pretty good chance much of that work time was still spent where? Yep, sitting down. In fact, I’d bet you’re probably sitting down right now as you read this, too.


By itself, there’s nothing wrong with sitting – sometimes, and especially while you work because in business that’s pretty much where the magic happens as far as productivity and value delivery for clients and customers. The problem is we tend to sit WAY too much. In fact, a recent Washington Post article suggests that the average office worker sits a whopping 10 hours per day while another report suggests 86% of us are doing it even though most of us don’t like it. If you’re a part of that percentage, you’ve probably already realized that all that sitting is NOT good. And, not just where it comes to your figure and how your clothes fit, but also for your health and how you feel every day.

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summer fitness bucket list wildfire fitness


Summer’s in full swing so I hope you’ve been enjoying the weather where you are. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited – summertime is my fav! Plus, this past winter was rough! Between the snow storms and slipping in the ice, pile driving my knee into the sidewalk (yeah, that happened) to lots and LOTS of rain, I’m totally stoked for the warmer weather and plan to take full advantage of the SUN!

Summer is the perfect time for adventures, and what’s even better is that you can kill two birds with one stone by having adventure while working on your body and getting better shape. I made a bucket list for myself to work on this summer and I’ve thought I’d share the love by making you one with fun and a little adventure in mind, too.

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