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Dumbbells and daffodils by Wildfire Fitness


The second quarter is here and spring is in full effect. 


Time to get rolling with those warm-weather-workouts so you can be all trained up for the outdoor fun times ahead.

In the last post, we talked about doing some spring cleaning for your Fitlife to freshen up your focus and renew that sense of excitement that we all shared at the beginning of the year. We also offered up 7 Tips To Freshen Up Your Fitlife to get you going so be sure to check them out if you haven’t, or you just need to get going again.


Now, let’s get your body moving with a fresh new spring workout. 


If you’re on our mailing list, you already received one new workout this week, but we thought we’d give you another one to add to your new rotation. 

It’s pretty simple. The exercises are grouped in “threes,” hence the name “trifecta”.

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Indoor Winter Workout by Wildfire Fitness


Rain. Snow. Sleet. Hail.

The holidays may be gone, but winter’s definitely not over yet!

With the cold weather and dark days it might be tempting to just grab some popcorn, hit the Netflix and roll up in a blanket burrito until the tulips come up, but don’t do it! Remember those goals you set for yourself at New Year’s? Yeah, those! There’s plenty you can do right there in the comfort of your own warm, toasty living room – and without ANY weights even!

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Backside. Buns. Booty. Butt.


No matter what you call it, rear ends are in. From popular music and celebrity sightings to fashion magazines and even social media, seems everyone’s on a quest to “build a better booty” these days.


Besides focusing on how it looks, there are also some important functional/feel-good reasons to show your booty a little love, too.

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