Client Success

Workouts with Wildfire are not a chore. While we work really, really hard, it’s a fun time full of joking and nerdy sci-fi chat. When I started working out with Wildfire, I couldn’t do a single sit-up. Now, I am much, much stronger and more confident in my abilities. I never thought that I would be able to do 150 or 200 jumping jacks, but now it’s just part of the workout.

Not only that, but my overall health has improved. My doctor says that I am extremely healthy right now. Though in the past I used to suffer from painful and disruptive digestive issues, they frequency began to decrease as I started working out more, and now I haven’t had a problem in more than a year.

I can now do the things I want to do. Before I started working out, I had never been to the top of Multnomah Falls—the climb was too difficult for me. Now, I have no problems with it. The other day, we went to a friend’s house, and he suggested we take the kids for a run in the park before dinner. Before spending time with Wildfire Fitness, I could not have done it. Now, though, I ran with everyone else and had an amazing time.

Working with Wildfire Fitness has made me able to do the things I want to do and be the mom I want to be.

Melissa K.

Losing weight and improving my overall health since I started working out with Wildfire Fitness is a tremendous accomplishment for me. Before starting the workout with Wildfire fitness, I was bordering 300 pounds and according to my doctor my cholesterol and blood pressure was “way too high”. I’ve since lost over 65 pounds and dropped my numbers to a normal level. I’m motivated to continuing down the road of a healthier lifestyle by eating better and working out on a regular basis. I enjoy the positive attitude and creative workout routines. When the workouts are fun it’s easier to stay motivated and it makes each session seem more like a game and less like a workout session.

Jay B.

I think my greatest accomplishment has been making a consistent, long term effort towards losing weight and getting into shape. It is easy to join a gym, show up a few times, and fade off. It is really hard to make it a routine and lifestyle change. There are many positive things.  Having someone in front of you, pushing and encouraging you to work hard is great. You will definitely push yourself more than if you are at a gym on your own schedule. Additionally, if I am working out alone, I probably wouldn’t be choosing to do burpies. Having someone to monitor your form and find areas that should be focused on is a huge thing for me. The variety of different workout routines that are introduced has also been a great learning experience for me. It definitely helps to have an array of new exercises available to you on the days that you end up working out solo. Wildfire Fitness has helped me push my level of ability far beyond my initial expectations when I set my fitness goals.

Michael M.