WHO WE ARE                                 

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“We help busy people get fit.”

Successful program design and lifestyle coaching drive our business. Effective program design and lifestyle coaching are created both by the wants and the needs of our clients. 

Some clients want six pack abs, some don’t.

Despite what the fitness magazines or gimmicky infomercials may say, everyone isn’t focused on wearing a bikini or getting a six pack. Some of our clients are athletes or work in entertainment, but others are business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, stay-at-home parents and even students. Some of our clients “just” want to stay active despite a busy and demanding lifestyle or they want to keep up with their kids, while others may indeed want to lose weight or get ripped muscles. Some clients want to resolve health issues by taking better care of themselves, while still others want to look fabulous for their wedding or some other special event. Each client’s desired outcome is unique and everyone’s results are based their own personal goals and ability. 

What all of our clients have in common is a desire to change how they look, move and feel.

Every Wildfire Fitness client wants to improve how they experience life. Our clients want to have greater confidence and to feel better in their bodies. They also want to feel empowered and they want to be capable of doing the things they want to do, both in their daily lives and in their dreams.

If this describes you, then there’s a good chance you’re a perfect fit for our programs!


Effective fitness programming and lifestyle coaching isn’t just about doing a few pushups and squats, eating green vegetables and lean proteins and getting to bed on time, although these actions alone can be quite powerful changes.

It’s about guiding you to create healthy habits you can live with so that your results are sustainable. Those habits are powerful and can then spread through your life like wildfire, changing the way you think and changing how you feel not only about your body, but also about how you live as well. 


WHAT WE DO                               

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We empower our clients to live with confidence and greater ease by teaching them to make choices each day that will add vitality to their lives. And we’re MOBILE – that means we help to maximize your precious time by delivering each training session right to where you are.

That’s what we do.

We strive to see the individuals we work with holistically and to spark in them a desire to create lives that are sustainably healthier and therefore more fit and capable long term. 

This is what works.

Living fit IS sustainable fitness.

Sustainable fitness is not a quick-fix pill or a potion. It’s not a magic product or “revolutionary” anything. It’s you. You are the magic revolutionary. We help you to learn about you and what you are capable of so that you create a way of life and collection of habits that you can live with forever. This is what will help you keep the results you work so hard for long term and keep you from yo-yoing back and forth. No gimmicks, no fads. Just science and common sense plus effort.

OUR WHY                       

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We want you to live fit, not just be fit.

Once you have that system of sustainable fitness that works for you, you can then focus on being your best, not just for yourself, but for your friends, your loved ones and the community around you. You can become a spark of positive, healthy influence can make a difference. It can lead to inspiration and healthy change for them as well, just by you being more of your best self.

That change you spark in them can then spread, effecting and inspiring more lives as well. It can then keep on spreading… just like WILDFIRE…